After a few days “off” I have decided that I will no longer be offering free samples and other stuff. Most of my blog traffic comes from that. However, for those that would still love to receive freebies and free stuff, know about coupons, get the best deals on the web, and many other great savings, please follow the links below. I have been researching sites in the past few “off” days and I have found that all the below named sites offer free, real, legitimate, and researched freebies, samples, coupons, and great deals…

  1. Sally Saves Freebies
  2. Hip2Save Daily Deals
  3. Freebies 4 Mom Daily Deals
  4. Most Recent Freebies
  5. Free Sample Monkey In Order of Latest Samples

I have not wanted to leave my readers totally empty-handed, so I have found these sites just for you, and you, and you, and you and on and on and on…

Getting freebies in the mail is so nice. It is nostalgic to me. I remember having a pen pal and hoping that the next mail delivery would bring a letter from her. I loved reading the mail. Then I “grew up” (which I am still a kid at heart-you have to be when you have a 12 and 7-year-old) and began to receive bills in the mail deliveries. Today it is nice going to the mailbox and having name brand freebies mailed to me. I have been told in life that nothing is free, but the sites I provided above do have things that are free. Collin from hip2save also provides coupon match-ups for all of you couponers looking for a great deal. I am not a surreal couponer. I do not use a coupon just because I have a coupon. I only use what I can make meals with or use the kind of soap, toilet paper, toothbrushes, and things of that nature. I have watched shows and news on television that makes me wonder if people are that obsessive compulsive, selfish, self-centered, or planning on preparing for the end of the world. I love hearing about people like  me that donate to their local charities (Shelby Helpliine Ministries for me).

Let us always have hope! Especially during this season. I have children and sometimes get lost in the holiday gift giving, but let us not forget about giving gifts from the heart. I have said many times that I do not have family nearby. Taking the time out of my busy life to hope for them is a better gift than any other material gift. At least that works for me. All of us have been through hard times, the loss of a job, the loss of a relative, and many other things. Just have hope for the season and remember why we actually give gifts…the wisemen


Christmas to-do list

Christmas tree

I have not really wanted to post much about Christmas, but since Thanksgiving is over I have decided it may be appropriate now. Of course I know I am looking forward to Christmas because it is another chance for all of my husband’s family to get together. I do not have any family near-by, so I like to see my mother-in-law excited to have all three sons, daughter-in-laws, and 6 grandchildren at her house. She is a good cook and baker, but these days it is difficult for her to stand for very long because of her need to use a walker. So, all of us help her make our family dinners, which really adds to the spirit of the holidays.

This time of year is so busy for me. I have waited too long this year to go Christmas shopping. I just haven’t had the time. For the first year ever, I thought about jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon and go shopping. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. So, Cyber Monday came along, and I still didn’t take advantage of any deals this year.

***NOTE*** If anybody has any resources as to how find the best deals (phone apps, website, or any other resources) please let me know by leaving a comment below. Thanks in advance!

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All they want for Christmas…

I know Thanksgiving is officially over and it is time to move on to the next holiday. I am all for Christmas, but sometimes, especially with all the rants and raves about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I think of how easy it is for someone to lose the true spirit of Christmas. Continue reading