Get Organized Using Everyday Items

We have all had those days. Everything we see must have a purpose. So now I present to you everyday items that we have on hand that can be used in a green sense and have a simple, but enormous effect on our daily lives….


Box packed with popcorn and gift

Source: Real Simple Magazine

It is that time of year when we are sending out care packages. If you are a military mom or wife, then this can serve two purposes…maybe? All I know is that I was working in the shipping department of my old job and we had a 17-year-old entrepreneur fill our stock of foam popcorn everyday. Try it and let me know if it works!

Binder Clip as a Wallet

Binder clip as a key chain and money holder

Source: Real Simple Magazine

I am guessing that you nor your husband have a nifty and thrifty wallet that your 12-year-old constructed for you out of the latest fashionable duck tape. Yes, our oldest child made both of us wallets using duck tape from our local dollar store and also packaging tape for our driver licenses so that they were clean and see-thru. There are plenty of those how-to-make-it sites on Our oldest daughter learns more current fashion and DIY tips from there than we can teach her! What is going on with the generation these days??? Anyways for all of us older generations, we can use a big binder clip as a wallet. Use a 1 1/4 inch binder clip and attach your key to it and clamp it to your waistband. Good for work days when you need a coffee pick-me-up.

Dust pan as a Toy Herder

Toys gathered in a dustpan

Source: Real Simple Magazine

My children are not so young anymore. However, I do remember the days when their Lego blocks, Barbie doll shoes, mini colored pencils, pony beads, and anything else that I wanted to avoid picking up in the Kirby would get on the floor. I am guessing that to use this remedy that you have hard-wood floors like I do. If you have carpet, this small action may save you from getting a new belt for your vacuum cleaner.

These ideas come from a great magazine that I have recently subscribed to. It is a great idea for us homemakers to learn short-cuts and minimize our cleaning, cooking, laundrying, and anything else we do that consumes so much time in our day!

I hope you like and I hope I credited the correct people in this post!! Happy reading!


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